Carroll Devine

Skilled writer, radio host, actress and female voice talent.


Dec 09 2011

Like a potter's hands shaping clay, the sound of the voice of a skilled artist can help to shape lives -- and be a force for good. Long ago, I realized that this kind of shape-shifting is where my passion lives. And now, I love to breathe life into words on a page, realizing that it's not just the words that have impact, but the way that they're said.

I am a skilled writer, radio host, actress and female voice talent with a versatility, intelligence and great voice delivered in every session - truly a voice actor. With my voice, this tool I have, I can:

  • Present instruction and training materials clearly and enthusiastically so that students and trainees reach greater understanding,
  • Teach others to speak publicly without fear,
  • Engage listeners in my narrations, or entertain and bring smiles and inspiration; and
  • Deliver clean, sharp, and compelling commercial and promotional spots for radio, TV and the web.

This is precisely what I have done. I believe that you can actually hear a smile without seeing it. As such, I have for years made friends over the airwaves as a radio announcer, and have been a sunny voice over artist.

I've been the calm and clear voice on computer-based training programs. I've acted on stage and in film, served as program Emcee, and produced and hosted interview shows for Cable TV.

Combining my voice with writing skills, I have authored, published and performed a children's book (Smiles From the Deep) and have produced feature stories and commentary for newspaper and radio.

I have led seminars, and taught classes in English, public speaking, and ahhh...relaxation. Hear me dance.